What is the GBBC Learning Center?

  • The GBBC Learning Center is an academically excellent, online learning experience hosted by Gibraltar Bible Baptist Church. In short, it is an online charter school in which students enroll, and they will meet together daily at GBBC to facilitate their school schedule.

  • The online charter school is called the “Michigan Great Lakes Virtual Academy,” a school that has received rave reviews for its outstanding academics and success rate.


Why are we creating the GBBC Learning Center?

  • As young people reach the junior high and high school ages, they become increasingly vulnerable to the ungodly social pressure of their peers who are not Christian and may even be anti-Christian. Our desire is to provide a spiritually safe, nurturing environment where young people will receive an outstanding education while being sheltered from many of the ungodly influences of worldly-minded peers.

  • Furthermore, this environment will give godly learning coaches an opportunity to personally assist young people with their coursework, while having stimulating and uplifting spiritual conversations and pursuing godly mentorship opportunities.

  • This program also gives Christian young people the opportunity to develop Christian friendships with like-minded teens and encourages them to be a godly influence in each other’s lives. It is a powerful tool to instill godly character, integrity, fraternity, and responsibility into the lives of Christian young people.


Further information for interested parties is available upon request. Please email gbbclearningcenter@gmail.com for more information.

29321 Fryer Drive

Gibraltar, MI 48173

(734) 676-8110


Sunday School: 10:00 am

Sunday Worship: 11:00 am

Sunday Youth Ministries: 5:30 pm

Wednesday Prayer: 6:30 pm

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