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Walls Come Tumbling Down

Joshua 6:1-27   

As we look at these accounts in Joshua over the next two weeks, remember that the book of Joshua was written after the events had occurred- which is to say, these narratives are a memorial for the people of Israel, so they could remember in posterity what God had said and what he had done. Thus as we read and study these chapters, we must bear in mind that there are some specific spiritual lessons that God wanted Israel to learn and retain; and in a very real sense, these same lessons apply in a variety of ways to the NT Christian.

So as we come to the account this morning, we are reminded that the preparations for the Canaan conquest have all been made. God has met with Joshua several times personally, Canaan has been spied out, the Jordan River has been crossed, the Canaanites are in fear, a memorial has been raised, the fighting men have been circumcised, the Passover has been eaten, and General Joshua has met with the Commander in Chief, the pre-incarnate Christ. We will examine the narrative in three episodes this morning.

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Jan 29, 2017 Walls Come Tumbling Down Listen Download