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The Light of Christmas

John 8:12-20   

One of the great characteristics of Christmas time is the lights, and it is profound that Jesus makes this analogy in our text this morning. This is about as direct of a gospel invitation as Jesus makes, and he makes this specific statement numerous times in the Gospel of John. If you have the opportunity to share the gospel message with your friends and family this Christmas season, this would be a wonderful text to share, and a powerful picture to illustrate as well, as we shall see.


Last week we looked carefully at Jesus’ interaction with the woman taken in adultery. That conversation between Jesus, the adulterous woman, and the Pharisees culminated in the Pharisees leaving the scene, in shame. But now, a short time later, they have returned, more angry and vitriolic than ever, and determined to destroy Christ. Christ makes a powerful statement in vs. 12, to which they will respond in argument throughout the chapter. This morning we would like to do a very simple Bible study on what Jesus meant when he said, “I am the light of the world,” and consider many of the biblical texts where this and similar statements are found.


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