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The Liberty and Conscience of the Christian, Part 2

1 Corinthians 8:1-13   

As Paul deals with the matter of Christian liberty, he sets up his argument upon the basis of a series of contrasts. Last week we took a careful look at the first two series of contrasts, and began our examination of the third. A brief review would be helpful.

There was in the church of Corinth a spirit of great arrogance. Those who had knowledge sneered at those who were yet not so wise, and even deliberately provoked them by their actions. While the older, more mature saints may not have been hindered in their faith by their own actions of liberty, they were doing damage to those who were younger and weaker in the faith, even to the point of causing some to fall away from the faith. So Paul deals firstly with our demeanor, then our knowledge, then our liberty.

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