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The God of Truth

John 18:33-38 We live in a relativistic society- which is to say, society’s definition of truth is transient and subjective. Let me say it another way- society greatly desires the authority to determine and define truth; and if it is given such a right, then there is no truth, and can be no truth- only the majority opinion, or at least the publicly prevailing opinion.

What is fascinating about this is mankind’s unquenchable desire for truth, and search for it- this desire is what has fueled the technological and medical advancements of the 20th and 21st century, many of which are extremely beneficial to humanity. Of course, many of the technological advancements that have been made are greatly harmful, such as abortive techniques, sex change surgeries, and weapons of mass destruction or chemical weapons, when actually used and not merely wielded as deterrents to war.

So there is a search for truth which is scientific and tangible, which has yielded many benefits. By the same token, and in many ways parallel to the scientific and tangible search for truth, is a philosophical and existential search for truth. This search for truth does not yield tangible, physical benefits- rather, it is of a more mystical bent. The deep irony is that this sort of search for truth would naturally lead to a discovery of the one true God, except that man in his sinful nature and perverse bias has often precluded God from the conversation at the outset. Which is to say, mankind searches for truth, but denies any truth that has God as its source. The irony is that actual, objective, and unchanging truth is only found in God alone.

So as we consider the attribute of the truthfulness of God, we must first define truth. Rolland McCune defines “truth” as “…that which is genuine, veritable, actual, and authentic…”[i] Ryrie: “To say that God is true is to say, in the most comprehensive sense, that he is consistent with himself, that he is all that he should be, that he has revealed himself as he really is, and that he and his revelation are completely reliable.”[ii] John Frame: “Truth… is the proper correlation between language and reality…”[iii] John MacArthur: “Truth is that which is consistent with the mind, will, character, glory, and being of God. Even more to the point: Truth is the self-expression of God.” Thus to examine truth as an independent entity, without acknowledging an objective source of truth, is an exercise in futility. Truth is not something that exists in the ether, untethered to other entities. Rather, truth is an effect and not a cause- it is produced by the nature of God, which is where it finds its source. To seek for absolute truth without seeking after God is a logical fallacy and will surely lead to error.

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