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The God of All Creation

 Psalm 8:1-9

A few weeks ago, we began a new Bible study on Basic Christianity. The first and most important point of consideration is that the Bible is our exclusive source of truth. Without the Bible, there is no source of absolute truth, and there is no Christianity. So we always go to the Bible to discover God’s truth. As we look into the Bible, we discover some foundational truths that are taught therein. The first truth in order and importance is the doctrine of the Creation.

The doctrine of the Creation is a fundamental Bible doctrine which has profound implications for literally every other area of life and theology. In fact, the Scriptures are full of loaded statements about the creation and its theological and practical implications, so in this study we would like to consider many of these texts and their implications.

Why are we considering this study today? We have different types of people in the congregation today: those who are deeply committed Christians, who wish to understand God better and be able to provide a solid defense for his person and nature; those who are less committed Christians, who need a baseline understanding of who God is, so as to be rightly committed to him; and perhaps there are skeptics here, who may have never thought through the implications of the creation, as it pertains to the existence of God.

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