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The Freedom of Fathers and Sons

John 8:31-3

As we come to the special and even essential holiday of Father’s Day, we consider the impact of fatherhood upon the next generation, for good and for bad. As we considered from Nehemiah this past Wednesday night, it is possible for dads to have such an abominable relationship with their children that they don’t even speak the same language, much less pass on a knowledge of the one true God from generation to generation. This is a grievous sin worthy of censure and condemnation.

But what we profoundly discover in our text this morning is that children instinctively and deliberately mimic the values and behaviors of their parents, and particularly their fathers. There is an inborn desire in the hearts of sons to be like their dads- and so the attributes that are revealed in the lives of children profoundly reveal the nature of their true father. This is the very point that Jesus presses home in our text- sons greatly resemble their fathers.

Jesus combines this point about family resemblance, with the corollary point of the freedom of sons. We will consider these point through the lens of freedom today.

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