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The Christian Home

Colossians 3:18-21 The home is the most fundamental building block of society. This has been true going back millennia; as FF Bruce says concerning the first century Roman empire, “The household was recognized as a stabilizing element in ancient society…”[i] So in the context of Christian living, giving up the sins of the flesh, adding the virtues of Christian grace, and encouraging one another in the assembly of saints, Paul gives us very important and practical lessons on how to order our home life.

Please note that we are speaking this morning on “The Christian Home.” These biblical instructions an ideal to which any family of any religious background should aspire; but for the Christian, this sort of home is not optional. The biblical instructions are weighty and mandatory, not merely suggestions. The Christian is that person who, as we have seen in ch. 1-2, has put their faith exclusively in Jesus Christ for salvation. In consequence, their entire lifestyle now has been transformed to live by the gospel as we have seen in ch. 3. Those who have such a perspective will most naturally lead their homes in the biblical fashion; or at the very least, will desire to lead their homes in this way, and will struggle against their own sinful influences and biases in order to honor God.

I say these words because Paul’s instructions about the Christian home are counter-cultural to the political correctness of our day. Even those who carry the name of Christ find themselves sincerely struggling with this sort of worldview, because the influences of our day are shouting the exact opposite of the biblical instruction and paradigm. We do well to silence the wicked voices in our ears, and open our hearts instead to the word of God.

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