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Shadow or Substance

Colossians 2:16-17 As we consider this text, we see more clearly the Colossian heresy which Paul was refuting. Ungodly religious teachers were pressuring the Colossian Christians to conform to the Mosaic law; and furthermore, not only must they conform to the letter of the law, but also a manmade, pietistic construct built on top of the law. In the explanation of Douglas Moo: “The fact that the teachers were advocating the observance of religious festivals, New Moon celebrations, and – especially – the Sabbath day shows that the teaching was to some extent Jewish… the false teaching was syncretistic, with Jewish and pagan elements [in varying] proportion…” As we travel through the text, we will see elements of both Judaism and paganism which Paul is refuting. It is very interesting to notice that Paul’s emphasis however is not on the pagan activity of the Colossian community, but rather on the implications of the Mosaic Law for the NT Christian.

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