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Servants and Masters

Colossians 3:22-4:1 We come to the final couplet in Paul’s description of the relationships between more vulnerable and less vulnerable (vs. 18ff). In this final couplet, we see the greatest discrepancy of all between powerful and vulnerable.

We notice immediately what Paul does NOT tell these servants to do- they are not instructed to run away, they are not instructed to form an insurrection, they are not instructed to resort to violence or crime or civic disobedience in order to attain their freedom. Instead, they ARE instructed to humbly obey. This text obviously raises many ethical questions about the first century institution of slavery, as it relates to slavery in recent history, both in America and elsewhere. We will deal with these thoughts in a limited way today, and more fully in a future study on the epistle of Philemon.

You may feel somewhat disconnected from the text, because slavery as an institution has been abolished in America. However, I believe we can make real-world application to your job in the work-place.

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