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Sarah Laughed

Hebrews 11:11-12

As we continue our journey through Hebrews 11, we are very grateful to discover that faith is not exclusive to the male of the species! Indeed, the Bible is absolutely full of example of women of grace and faith; and Christian families, Christian churches, and even society itself, are in desperate need of such women, even if society mocks them. Let me say this morning to our women of faith, godliness, and courage, that we need you desperately! We need your faith, your love, your commitment, and your prayers. You fill a hole in our church and in our homes of grace, kindness and love that is unique to you; without you, the world would be a wearisome place, and as men, we thank God and praise him for you.

Today we consider the life of one such woman of faith and grace- certainly not the only one, but a prominent one, who will be followed in Hebrews 11, not to mention the rest of Scriptures, by a myriad of like-minded women.

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