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Rahab- Canaanite, Prostitute, Grandmother of Jesus

Joshua 2:1-21   

Which of these titles does not belong? In truth, they all belong! This morning, we would like to take a careful look at one of the amazing women of the Bible. Surely, there are many of those from which to choose! But Rahab’s life bears special weight for a variety of reasons.

Rahab was what we might consider a “low-character” individual; according to the biblical narrative, she made a living in the world’s oldest profession! However, by the end of her life she was known as a giant of faith, thus proving that anyone, particularly any woman, may completely change the direction and meaning and substance of their life, by the grace of God.

We cannot separate the Rahab’s life and impact from her cultural setting and historical narrative, so we will consider all these details this morning. We will examine the faith of Rahab by looking at her words and actions in three panels.

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May 14, 2017 Rahab- Canaanite, Prostitute, Grandmother of Jesus Listen Download