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Prepare to Meet the Bridegroom!

Matthew 25:1-13   

Our text today is found in the middle of what we call the Olivet Discourse, a prolonged teaching of Jesus from the Mount of Olives, as he spoke about the topic of prophecy. In particular, Jesus spoke about the coming Kingdom of God and the reality of divine and eternal judgment. We see this teaching of his coming kingdom and divine judgment in four pericopes in ch. 24: 24:32-36 (fig tree), 37-42 (days of Noah), 43-44 (late night robbery), 45-51 (wise vs. evil servant).

This same theme is carried over into our present text. The central theme of our text is God’s assessment of the wise or foolish in relationship to his kingdom- and we must understand that God’s judgment of the wise and foolish is binding and eternal. Now as we examine the text, we observe first that this is a parable. We must accept the parable for what it is, and be careful not to force it to be something that it is not. We must allow the text to serve its own purpose. Also, and very importantly, please note that this text does not tell us EVERYTHING that is true about the citizens of God’s kingdom. Rather, it makes one very important point, which is a part of the overall description of the true child of God.

The purpose of this teaching is to separate the true children of God from the false professors of Christianity. According to Jesus, the true children of God are those who are living their lives in light of the reality of God’s kingdom, and are thus watching carefully for the appearing of this kingdom. For the citizen of God’s spiritual kingdom, there is a sensitivity to the fact that they are not of this world- we are sojourners and pilgrims as Peter says in 1 Peter 2; and as the epistle of Hebrews states in ch. 11, we are looking for a city whose builder and maker is God. 

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