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Not In My Day!

2 Kings 20:1-19  This morning we would like to do a biographical sketch of a wonderful man, King Hezekiah, who made unfortunate and devastating decisions at the end of his life. As we read and consider the scripture, please remember that this is a historically true and accurate narrative. There is substantial extra-biblical support for the life of Hezekiah. According to biblicalarcheology.org, for example, “[Hezekiah is mentioned] initially in the Rassam Cylinder of Sennacherib… It mentions “Hezekiah the Judahite” (col. 2 line 76 and col. 3 line 1 in Luckenbill, Annals of Sennacherib, pp. 31, 32) and “Jerusalem, his royal city” (ibid., col. 3 lines 28, 40; ibid., p. 33). Other, later copies of the annals of Sennacherib, such as the Oriental Institute prism and the Taylor prism, mostly repeat the content of the Rassam cylinder, duplicating its way of referring to Hezekiah and Jerusalem…” Hezekiah is also mentioned in the Egyptian historical record, and by the Greek historian Herodotus.

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