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Neither Do I Condemn You

John 8:1-11   

As we enter the Christmas season, our thoughts turn to joy and peace, precious time with family, beautiful and meaningful music, and so on. It is as this time of year that we try to forget about the difficulties of life, the dark side of life, and focus instead on all that is joyous and pleasant.

Therefore, it may be a bit surprising that we have chosen this text to study this morning. Please understand that John 8 is absolutely pivotal to the Messianic narrative about Jesus Christ; and this first episode in John 8 is very helpful in our understanding of the rest of the chapter. Thus, for us to better understand the Messianic role of Jesus Christ, and specifically the incarnation, we must understand his discussion with the Pharisees in John 8 in light of his behavior towards this sinful woman.

This morning, we will put ourselves in the position of the Jewish people who came to the temple to hear Jesus teach- we will see and hear what they saw and heard, as the Pharisees confront Jesus with this adulterous woman.


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Dec 4, 2016 Neither Do I Condemn You Listen Download