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Living Godly Among the Wicked (A Case Study in Failure), Part 2


Last week, we considered the first 12 verses of this narrative, a case study into the heart and mind of the heathen. We are reminded that certainly not every lost person behaves in such an outrageous fashion- there are degrees of externally revealed wickedness, mitigated by common grace and the effect of a law-abiding society. Yet we do well to realize that the darkness and blackness of sin is omnipresent in the heart of man- thus those who are the children of God do well to interact with a wicked society in a very wise and judicious way.

Today, we come to the purpose of the text, which is to show how at times, the children of God are indeed more culpable and blameworthy in their behavior than even the heathen; and what hope is there for this world when the children of light are more wicked than the children of darkness? This is a hopeless situation indeed- yet at the final evaluation, the grace of God is ever present.

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Feb 25, 2018 Living Godly Among the Wicked (A Case Study in Failure), Part 2 Listen Download