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If You Have Been Risen With Christ

Colossians 3:1-4 We have now turned a major corner in Paul’s teaching about our life in Christ. In chapter 2:16-23, Paul argued against the false doctrine and man-centered religion which had made their way into the thinking and lifestyle of the Colossians. Paul has been focusing on the negatives, which Christians ought to repudiate. Now, he focuses on the positive- what the Christian ought to embrace. Going back to 2:11, Paul has been teaching us that the Christian is a citizen of two worlds. We have died with Christ to sin and self, and we are alive in Christ to righteousness. The conflict for the Christian is found in the fact that many, but not all, aspects of our spiritual life are yet future. Thus Paul explains that we need to learn now how to be citizens of our future heavenly home.

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Jul 31, 2016 If You Have Been Risen With Christ Listen Download