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He Who Dies Will Live Again

1 Corinthians 15:35-49

In this lengthy passage, Paul refutes the Corinthians’ fundamental misunderstanding about the resurrection, and he uses several profound illustrations from nature. There are two possible misunderstandings here- the first is that the physical universe is all that exists; there is nothing more, there is no spirit world, and thus when we die, that is the end of our existence. The second is that the physical is incompatible with the spiritual, and there can be no connection between the two. Paul points out that God has built into nature countless illustrations that reveal that these misunderstandings are false.

As we work through this text, and the whole chapter, we discover Paul’s very powerful conclusion- the resurrection is both a reality and necessity for the child of God. All who believe in the Christian God must affirm the reality of the resurrection! There is no escaping it. To deny it is to deny God- to deny God is to deny the resurrection. So really, in this text Paul is giving a logical and theological defense of the resurrection. Paul expresses this doctrine in a series of three principles, which we will consider together this morning.

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