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From Isaac to Christ

Genesis 22:1-13  Nothing about the life, death, and even resurrection of Jesus should have been a surprise to the Jews, except perhaps the timing of his incarnation. All other aspects of the Messiah were clearly prophesied in the OT. The coming of the Messiah was the most significant and awaited event for the Jews. As an oppressed people, the Jews have, throughout history, waited for a deliverer, and such a deliverer was foretold to them by the ancients.

As Jesus himself explains in Luke 24:27 on the road to Emmaus, the faithful Jews of the Old Covenant should not only have looked for the Christ, but should have absolutely recognized Jesus as the Messiah by his words, miracles, death, and resurrection. That the Christ would suffer, die, and rise again was manifest clearly in the OT; and those who missed this, as Jesus said, were fools and slow of heart.

Thus we look today at one of the profound Old Testament types of Christ: Isaac, the son of Abraham. There are a number of startling parallels between Isaac and Christ- but most profound of all is the foresight of his father Abraham, who by his actions, demonstrated faith in a coming resurrection.

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