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For He Must Reign!

1 Corinthians 15:23-28

As Paul proceeds through the text, he explains that while God’s eternal plan of redemption focuses on mankind whom he has created, it truly hinges on God himself being incarnate as a man, dying as a man, and resurrecting as a man. These truths are stated in vs. 21-22. God has done a work for the salvation of mankind; but in order to accomplish this work, he had to become a man himself, and live as no man had ever lived. And in so doing, he showed us how we ought to live, and how we may live, by his resurrecting power and grace.

So the hope of the resurrection is not intended to primarily make us feel good, but rather to reveal the power of God that is freely given to us, to transform our lives into the very image of Jesus Christ. Paul’s progression of thought is fascinating- God was incarnate in the person of Christ; in the person of Christ he became the lowliest of men, suffered and died as the lowliest of men, but in his resurrection ascended to his rightful place as ruler over all creation. Thus the resurrection is an amazing revelation of the triumphant power of Jesus Christ over all creation. We will carefully examine this thought-progression this morning.

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