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Finally Home

Hebrews 11:13-16

In our text this morning, Apollos provides us with some concluding thoughts regarding the saints of early history. As we said at the beginning of this study, Hebrews 11 follows both a chronological and logical progression. The primary spiritual theme of the chapter is “Faith on Display;” each saint possessed godly faith and godly perspective in a way that motivated them to action, and their faith was clearly revealed through their actions. But there are other commonalities that bound them together, which we will discover in our study this morning.

We come now to the capstone text in the first half of the chapter- we are not yet halfway through the chapter, and were time to allow, we could plumb much more thoroughly the depths of faith that are revealed and illustrated for us. But our text this morning clearly states the overarching point of the entire text- faith is most clearly defined by what we see; faith is seeing and living according to God’s view of life and eternity.

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