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Do Not Follow Failure

1 Corinthians 10:11-22

This past Sunday, we carefully considered Paul’s discussion concerning the spiritual advantages of Israel of old. As we saw, just because so-called saints of God possess tremendous spiritual advantages, or just because they have seen the hand of God powerfully at work, demonstrating his constant grace, even in a miraculous fashion, time and time again, does not in any way guarantee the steadfastness of their faith. In fact, those who have had these advantages but have fallen by the wayside, into apostasy and idolatry, are beyond counting.

Thus Paul turns the force of his argument squarely back to the Corinthians, and through them to Christians in our own society. Do not follow the example of Israel of old- do not follow failure. And Paul shows us the gracious path to spiritual victory, through two major points in the text.

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