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Biblical Authority: The Foundation of Our Faith, Part 2

Psalm 119:17-32

What is the source of Christian teaching and thinking? What forms our view of life and the world around us? Or the most basic of questions: what is it that truly makes us Christian?

As we come to this study of Basic Christianity, the first principles are this: God is, and God has spoken. That is, our great presuppositions are that there is a God, he exists in reality, and he has revealed himself to us primarily in the Scriptures. There are other forms of revelation as well, namely the creation around us, which points to the Creator; the conscience and moral center within man; and Jesus Christ, the perfect image of God. But these other means of creation, particularly creation and conscience, are non-propositional; that is, they hint at God, they reveal there is a God, but they do not state with objective clarity who that God is. Jesus Christ is the perfect revelation of God the Father, but he has ascended into heaven. Now we know about Christ through the Scriptures. So Christians must go to the Scriptures to understand our faith.

Thus, in this opening study, I am laying out a defense for the authority of the Scriptures as our rule for faith and practice. 

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