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Be Strong in the Lord, Part 2

Ephesians 6:14-18

Last week we looked at the introduction to this text, which is vs. 10-13. In those verses Paul explains to the believers the necessity, availability, and motivation to receive God’s strength. He says that our enemies are spiritual, not physical; they are invisible, not visible; they are deceptive, not trustworthy; and they are well-prepared, not clueless. Therefore, it is imperative that the believer intelligently prepare to fight sin and Satan in all of its manifestations.

We live in a day of weakness! The moral fabric of society is coming apart. Rampant sin is being applauded, and righteousness is degraded at every turn. The nuclear family is under flagrant attack. Thoughtful righteousness is mocked, and has been replaced by superficial emotional coercion. So it is that Christians are trending down these paths as well, and would easily follow the leading of the Devil, were it not for the restraining influence of the Holy Spirit and the word of God.

In our text today, Paul lists the various elements of our spiritual strength and defense. He calls on Christians to carefully consider each of these elements, and put them on themselves, so as not to remain vulnerable to the viciousness of Satan’s attacks. Satan is out to destroy (1 Peter 5:8); God seeks to protect and heal his people (Exodus 15:26). This morning, we will consider each of these elements of spiritual self-defense in order.

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