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Abel: First in Faithful Worship

Hebrews 11:1-4

We are entering a very unique time in the history of GBBC; over the past many years, our church has endured numerous cycles of growth and prosperity, followed by cycles of decline. In the last number of years, the Lord has graciously brought our church back from the brink of death, and re-established our church as a lighthouse of the gospel.

Over the last 18 months, I and the leadership of our church have performed an extensive evaluation of our ministry. It is our desire to make wise decisions regarding our church and our future, so that our church will be positioned for consistent stability over the next decades to come. Thus, we have determined, by God’s grace, to pursue a relocation within our community, as God allows. If God sees fit to shut this door, then that is his will and his prerogative, and we are very aware of other positive steps to take! But at this current time, this door is open to us, and we are determined to wisely and carefully go forward by faith.

I say all of this this morning, to lead into our topic and text of study over the next several weeks: Forward by Faith, as described in Hebrews 11. Over the last year and a half, it has occurred to me many times that moving forward by faith is quite frankly a very frightening thing. The tendency of human nature is to stay where it is comfortable, stay where it feels safe, stay in the boat so to speak, rather than stepping out of the boat and walking on water. Yet I am compelled to remind God’s people this morning, that each of us personally and individually as Christians, as well as our church corporately, are part of a long lineage of faith stretching back thousands of years; and we are deeply indebted to these individuals for their example of faith and faithfulness. So over the next several weeks, we would like to carefully consider these biblical examples of faith from Hebrews 11.

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May 20, 2018 Abel: First in Faithful Worship Listen Download