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A Trespass in the Accursed Thing

Joshua 7:1-26   

As we come to Joshua 7, hard on the heels of the Israelites’ victory over Jericho in Joshua 6, we see why it would be wrong to malign God for waging holy war against the Canaanites. God’s holy war was not fundamentally against a people per se, but against sin. When that sin was discovered among the people of God, when they were found to be rebellious and unrepentant, they were judged in exactly the same fashion as the heathen! God’s view of sin has not changed in all the thousands of years of human history.

So the spiritual lesson in Joshua 6 for OT Israel and NT Christians is that the walls of men are nothing to God. Man cannot create an obstacle that God cannot overcome. By contrast, the spiritual lesson of Joshua 7 is that God detests sin, and will deal with it righteously. We see this lesson painted for us in vivid detail in our text this morning.

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Feb 5, 2017 A Trespass in the Accursed Thing Listen Download