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A Miniature Hall of Faith

Colossians 4:10-18 Paul typically concludes his epistles with a list of greetings from individuals who minister with him, and instructions for Christians in the church to whom he is writing. This list functions as a “Miniature Hall of Faith;” a lasting memorial to the godly service of the men and women that are listed therein. We looked at the first two people in this list last week, Tychicus and Onesimus; today, we will consider the rest of the individuals in the list and close the book.

In this list of Christians, we discover that every Christian has a story of grace; each of our stories is uniquely our own. At the same time, all of our stories have the grace of Jesus Christ in common- and the profound truth is that the end of the story is always far better than the beginning. Now as a way of illustrating Paul’s closing remarks, I have chosen to make some specific remarks today publicly and from the pulpit to a few of the members of our congregation. Just kidding- but does that help you consider the seriousness of Paul’s comments at the end of his epistle? If he had included your name, what might he have said about you? What is your testimony of service to Christ and to the gospel?

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