29321 Fryer Drive, Gibraltar, MI 48173 Sunday School: 10am, Sunday Worship: 11:00am, Wednesdays: 6:30pm

Welcome Visitors


We seek to create an atmosphere where lives can be brought into harmony with a personal God and real people. It’s happening in a wonderful way through a balanced emphasis on true worship, caring fellowship, faithful discipleship, meaningful service, and loving outreach. It’s God’s way to make a difference by meeting people’s deepest needs.

Worship services each weekend provide the opportunity to worship through music, prayer, the Lord’s Supper (communion), baptism, and careful and passionate teaching from the Bible.

Fellowship needs are met through various classes and caring groups. Our church is characterized by members who love God, the word of God, and their fellow man.

Service opportunities are provided in many areas to enable our members to discover and develop their gifts and talents and to employ them in meaningful ministry to others.

Whether you come to GBBC as a family or as an individual, you are welcome in our family and encouraged to be involved in any of our ministries.